How To Break In Your New Leather Huarache Sandals

How to Break in to your new leather huarache sandals

The amazing leather smell, vibrant colors and perfect form of your new Mexican leather huaraches are unforgettable. They will immediately take you back to Mexico. However, this incredible sensation for some also comes with painful blisters. Do not fret we have some at-home remedies that can turn your new huaraches from a temporary pain to a long-lasting blessing. Breaking into your new pair of leather sandals and leather shoes does not have to be a painful process!



Leather Huarache Sandals 

Cumbias, socks and cleaning!

We all love waking up to Techno cumbia! We love Selena. I know we all remember waking up on a Saturday morning to the beautiful sound of our mothers screaming “¡LEVANTATE! Ya es tarde” If your mother is like my mother, she takes this time at home to break in her Huaraches. She wears her huaraches along with socks while she is sweeping, mopping and doing the dishes. All of the movement will cause the leather on your new huaraches to stretch! Yes, you can even dance a little…


Buy a Shoe Stretcher

This method can take a bit longer than others. Buying a plastic or wooden shoe stretcher can drastically stretch and loosen your new huaraches to help minimize your aching feet. Simply leave them overnight or leave them stretching every other day in-between wears. You can find shoe stretchers at Amazon available for under $20, As well as your local Target or Walmart.



Leather Huarache Sandal

Place a Damp Sock or Newspaper

You can also slightly damp a sock or newspaper (Make sure not to soak newspaper, colors of wet newspaper will damage the sole of the shoe). Once you have your damp sock or newspaper whichever you have chosen is totally fine. I personally do a sock. Crumple it up inside the shoe to help the huarache naturally stretch the leather.


Use Heat

Leather is extremely malleable when exposed to high temperatures. Simply holding a hair dryer inside your huaraches helps loosen and stretch the leather slightly. Once you are done please let the huaraches cool down.  (Avoid putting them back on immediately)


The Spoon technique

Using the back of a spoon will mimic the shape of your heel, fiercely work the back of the spoon into the heel or any part of the leather shoe that is rubbing and aching. Essentially mimicking the effect of your foot on the huaraches this will help soften the leather much faster.


Go to the Professionals

Visit your local shoe repair specialist, sometimes they will provide a breaking-in service. Just be sure to allow at least three days for them to work their magic. If you need your new leather huaraches for a special occasion be sure to plan ahead.


These techniques will allow you to break in your new leather huaraches a lot quicker. You will not have to endure the pain of breaking in new huaraches, avoiding all of the painful blisters and happily enjoying your new beautiful vibrant leather huaraches.


  • Dania Gallardo: September 24, 2021


    I am getting notifications about using a gift card the same amount of money I paid for shoes. I would like the status of my order? It says it cannot be found. . Otherwise I would like my money back. I paid for shoes, if not I would like my money back.

    Thank you.

  • Emily: August 18, 2021

    I have been trying to get in contact with you guys for over a month. My order number is #16259. I was promised a $124.99 FULL REFUND to my original payment method. This is ridiculous. No one emails me back, I am just issued a gift card which is NOT what I was promised. The customer service is terrible and I hate to say it, but I wanted to support the culture although this is not the proper way to handle these problems. I am extremely frustrated.

  • Jamie Bauer: July 27, 2021

    I have been trying to get a response from you about returning the shoes I received. They are open in the back and I can’t wear them. I’d like a closed back. No one answered my email or responded to the chat

  • Mariah: April 27, 2021

    Hi, I’m very interested in placing an order. If I wear a size 7 in women’s US what size should I order in Mexico sizing?

  • Christina bermudez: March 30, 2021

    Very helpful, thank you

  • Jimena: October 25, 2020

    Love that you guys did a blog about this and thank you for all the information on how to stretch your new leather huarache sandal, my feet are on the wide side so I always struggle with new huaraches and I love Mexican huaraches they’re a must in my closet!

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